Why the need to over-document our lives?

We all want to remember certain memories from our lives, it is a natural desire to look back at memories and mementos from our past. With readily available access to a camera and the WWW the need to document has almost gotten out of control. Since when did we need to take pictures of food to remember that we had amazingly cheesy pasta? I dug into the article on Ted.com that talked about our “overly-plugged in society.” The couple in this article debated the pros and cons of whether of not they should take their smartphones to their own wedding. After some debate they decided to leave them at home – and they were happy that they did because they actually remembered those special moments without relying on “selfies.” There have also been studies that have shown that taking a picture of a special moment instead of living in the moment you are actually more likely to forget it. Why does our society have this expectation to share and document everything and how has this norm impacted how we communicate.



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