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Technology has Changed Communication

It has changed the way that we talk with one another has gone through a dramatic transformation. Since the invention of IM. Before we could speak swiftly in 140 characters and diary our deepest secrets across the social media jungle for all to see, we were writing heart-felt hand-written letters. The surface of this design is to show that our level of communication has become very fragile. And once the notes are removed what is left- a digital frame work?

The facts that were on the sticky notes you can see that we love to capture moments with our smart devices, but have you ever wondered what would happen if all of the photos and digital messages all just disappeared? Would our level of communication be the same at is was before technology? Can you imagine not being able to snap a photo or a video at any given moment to document your life? Probably not, but there was a time where we actually would rely on memories that we capture with our eyes. Not with our cameras.


I wanted to show that our way of communication is fragile, as it is in a digital non-tangible and nostalgic form as it has been in the past. What if we ask ourselved what our ancestors will think our our society and ways of communication 100 years from now. Well, they will look on the WWW and see all of the comments we made on Facebook and photos we uploaded to Instagram. Let us think though that some how all of this information is lost. We don’t write all of our ways of communication are in digital formats. The challenge of this project was to show how we communicate today and represent it ii a way that is superficial, short-lived and potentially fragile.

Here is my final project


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