Ever thought about the way that you communicate? What most probably would say is that they prefer to communicate via texting and or instant messaging over Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. Do you ever think about writing a traditional letter anymore? Probably not, I certainly love receiving letters from family and friends because they are nostalgic pieces and I can hold on to them.

Even though typing on a computer, like I am now, directly connects me with other people is the level of communication the same as it would be via a hand-written message? Why should anyone care anymore? The world changes and technology has enabled us to connect with the entire world with a touch of a button.

I am a senior Advertising/Public Relations and Graphic Design student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. For Design Studio 1 I will be researching how messages are interpreted differently depending on the context. Will try to answer questions like if the level/emotion of communication between one another has changed since the digital age.